Geng Lasak KLD - My Other Family

So I was cleaning my laptop and all these photos hit me hard. Days gone by and I just noticed how my life are so attached to KLD. So, before all these memories fade away, I would like to dedicate this post to every people that made KLD.. a KLD that we all know today. 

(I tried to track some photos that went missing in my laptop but I couldn't. Apologies to some facilitators as your picture might not be in this post but your dedication to KLD will never be forgotten.)

Ps: These photos are all randomly uploaded, sorry but I am to lazy to sort it, haha.

This one is in Mesilau, Sabah. The furthest KLD have been.

My fav people - Polo, Cebean & Wahid

My 21st birthday

Abang Is Legend

Bukit Lasah Terengganu. My very first wild adventure.

The Grade A Team. This one is during KLD upon receiving over 1200 campers from MRSM from the whole Malaysia. Surprisingly, despite of the many challenges that hit us, everything went smoothly because of them!

The unplanned trip to Air Terjun Setinggi

Christmas Potluck for Kak Lina

The very first Apsere 1.0 to Taman Negara Pahang. It's me in the orange T-Shirt. Man I was so thin! Muahahaha.

The unplanned trip Taman Negara Pahang.. again, 14 years later.

New uniform

Gunung Dato

KLD Jalan Jalan Melaka

The important persons that built our current Tempat Makan Fasi - Pak Tua, Acit, Nik, Lah, Zul, Fad & Bang Bell

And they supported my company as well :)

During my brother's wedding

 Tadom Hill
Karok Day!

Mega Movie day. 30 of us were divided into 2, the hati sado watched Captain America and the hati ada taman watched Ada Apa Dengan Cinta. Awwwww.


That smile over there is pure fakeness. Hahahaha. Penat gila oii time ni!!!

Kenyir Trip

 "We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun"

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